Hwy 11, Line 10, Oro, Ontario L0N 1T0
Burger Pit, Ontario, Oro

#1 Beef Burger with Small Fries and Fountain Pop $9.95
#2 Hot Dog with Small Fries and Fountain Pop $8.95
Off The Grill
Burger Pit, Ontario, OroSuperb homemade 100% Canadian Beef Burgers, infused with a smoky flavour straight from the grill.  Top it with a variety of fresh toppings including ‘zingy’ peppers!

Beef Burger $5.59
Double Beef Burger $8.99
Cheese Burger $6.45
Double Cheese Burger $9.85
Bacon Burger $6.69
Bacon Cheese Burger $7.65
Double Bacon Cheese Burger $11.15
Veggie Burger
Vegetarian?  Let us grill you up a juicy and delicious Veggie Burger!
Grilled Chicken On Bun $7.95
NY Steak On Bun
Cooked just the way you like it, our fresh NY Steak on a bun is a crowd pleaser infused with signature flavours.
Hot Dog $4.35
Chicken Fingers N' Fries $8.95
Pork Souvlaki Pita
Burger Pit’s souvlaki is just as tasty as our famous burgers. Slowly cooked with tangy smoky flavours, our souvlaki is a tried and tested customer favourite!
Ice Cream
Burger Pit, Ontario, Oro
Small Sundaes $3.85
Large Sundaes $4.85
Kiddie Cone $1.55
Large Cone $2.55
Burger Pit, Ontario, Oro

On The Side
French Fries Small $3.25 Medium $3.75 Large $4.95
Onion Rings $3.65
Poutine Small $5.25 Large $7.25
Choose a fresh salad, including Greek, which complements the tangy Souvlaki Pita.

House Salad $7.75
Greek Salad $7.95
Add Chicken To Salad $5.25
The Extras
Side of Mayo $0.60
Gravy $0.80
Cheese $0.95
2 oz. BBQ or Hot Sauce $0.55
2 oz. Hot Peppers $0.55
Fountain Pop
With free refill!
Bottled Pop $2.25
Bottled Ice Tea $2.49
Bottled Water Regular $1.45 Large $1.95
Milk/Chocolate Milk Regular $1.65 Large $2.65
Juice: Orange/Apple $2.29
Coffee/Tea $1.45
Hot Chocolate $1.45
Milk Shakes

Burger Pit, Ontario, Oro  Patties are handmade just for you and charbroiled to juicy perfection!